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Today is Not the Day 
- Documentary
Forever Young: A New Design for an Old Market - Promo
Happy Accidents
- Ad


We Do For You

Post Production

  • Full editing process and color correction

  • Audio design, clean up, and sound effects

  • Hand-picked list of songs

Creative Development

  •   Free branding consultation

  • Script and storyboard development

  • Finding video references  


PreP & Production

  •  Cast and location search 

  • Tailor-made schedule and equipment list

  • Hire professional crew  

Social Media Marketing

  •  Identify best channels for your video 

  • Design a launch schedule

  • Provide metrics and data for long term goals  

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Telling stories that connect people.
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Who We Are

Nieves Garcia Perchin

Director, Producer, Editor

Chase Shamlian

Cinematographer, Producer, Colorist

Originally from Spain, Nieves started her education in film in Madrid. It was then when she discovered she wanted to specialize in directing, so she did an MF in Directing from Boston University.


She has 5 years of experience in the industry freelancing as a director, script supervisor, and assistant director.

An award-winning director, her film and videos reflect human nature to bring people together.

Chase is an experienced, enthusiastic filmmaker and story teller. He enjoys using lighting and composition to further the emotions of a scene, create an interesting atmosphere, push the depth of an image, and tell a story in a single frame.


Chase has been in charge of lighting on commercials, fashion shoots, feature and short films, music videos, and corporate projects.


He has worked in both the camera and lighting departments, giving him a vast knowledge of the film and video world.


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